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[220816] Yoo Ilyong PD On This Week’s 1N2D Episode + Guests

Ratings went up to 19.9%. Did you expect this?“I thought that the ratings would be good, but I didn’t know that it’d be be this good. I’m thankful.”
Kim Junhyun’s appearance was confirmed last week, but Park Bogum’s wasn’t. How did it happen?“The very next day after the the guest invite filming, Cha Taehyun went to film his cameo for Moonlight Drawn By Moonlight. Cha Taehyun must have went and talked about it again. The two of them are originally close and from the same agency. I heard that Park Bogum follows Cha Taehyun well.”
Park Bogum is very active.“Maybe it’s because Park Bogum got the chance to go on vacation, but the staff were really surprised because he was very active with his researching and didn’t rest. Since it’s a Free Trip, the staff only gave the spending money mission at the opening. We’re thankful that he did so well then and afterwards too.”
Kim Jongmin went on a ride for the first time in 9 years. Was it really because of Park Bogum?“It was how it was shown on broadcast. He went on thanks to Park Bogum. The staff normally doesn’t force Kim Jongmin to do those kinds of things because we know he has a fear of heights. In Ulleungdo too, it was that if he jumped, he jumped, but if he didn’t, he didn’t. I thought for sure he wasn’t going to go on this time too, but he got on like he was convinced by Park Bogum. It was ‘Bogum Magic’. Since Park Bogum was smiling as he said ‘Please make this memory with me’, it seems like Jongmin went ‘What is this’ and somehow ended up going on. Kim Jongmin himself was dumbfounded after he rode it too. But he didn’t swear this time (laugh). He got on thanks to Park Bogum, and the two of their chemistry was really fun. I didn’t think that he’d succeed in something he couldn’t do for 9 years.”
The captions when Park Bogum appeared, ‘A face that’s perfect for falling in love with at first sight’ - are there female Park Bogum fans in the staff?“All the 1N2D PDs that insert the captions are guys. But they all looked at Park Bogum like they would an actress (laugh).”
How was Kim Junhyun as a guest?“He was originally in consideration to be a Season 3 member, but it didn’t work out. There was always a part of us that wanted to have him on once. He ended up coming this time, and both he and Park Bogum were very kind. Throughout filming, it was hot and he sweated a lot too, so it would have made sense that he’d be tired, but he matched well with Kim Junho as a gag combo so played well. I think he’s an impressive gagman.”
Your feelings about filming with Park Bogum?“Park Bogum kept on smiling while saying ‘Thank you’ and ‘It’s a honour’. It made the staff feel brighter too. He made me feel, ‘Wah, this person is someone that really makes the people around him feel good’. He made the filming atmosphere bright.”
“Thanks to Park Bogum’s positive energy, the 1N2D filming was enjoyable. Him and Kim Junhyun appeared as guests, but they matched well with the members without any awkwardness. … All the guests that appeared on 1N2D were the best, and it was no exception this time either. I’m thankful because both Park Bogum and Kim Junhyun did really well. Park Bogum didn’t lose his smile through to the very end of filming. No matter how hard things were, he kept his characteristic smile. He would have been tired at night too, but he was smiling. Seeing him like that, I thought that he was really amazing. And he was really kind and good-natured. … Our 1N2D member Donggu is positive too, but even Park Bogum was positive. It was really great because both sides produced positive energy. Thanks to that, filming was enjoyable and fun. … While filming, Park Bogum really said ‘Thank you’ at least 10 times in a hour. Even when it was over, he said thanks and that it was fun. He said that it was a vacation-like vacation, and that he’d happily come running back if the chance comes. For us, since he’s come on once, we won’t not call him again. If the chance comes whenever it is, we want to call him again.”
  • [+4103, -181] Park Bogum really receives love no matter where he goes. All comments about him are always the same
  • [+3377, -146] I really love him because he speaks so well and is always smiling
  • [+2993, -120] His voice was full of kindness when he looked at Kim Jongmin and said ‘Let’s go together’.. I like both Kim Junhyun and Park Bogum!!!
  • [+2441, -143] All his compliments really are the same! I wish he’d go on again after MDBTM ends

KOYOTE VS DJ DOC vs Jeon Ingwon on SBS Fantastic Duo


코요태, DJ DOC, 전인권  

HERE schedule  koyote on this show
maybe on 18  september +  25 september  


t.cast channel E  " 직진의 달인 " will broadcast 29th   11.00 pm
kim jong min -lee sangmin -Gong Seo-young as driving teacher ...

source      tv


OFFICIAL PIC 1N2D S3 EPISODE 134 - 135- 136 Heat Brings You Luck





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